March 5 - April 9, 2021



— Juror | Carl Dahl

What can I say?  So much wonderful work from such talented students. As an artist of many years, I am humbled and so impressed with the talent that is emerging from this generation.

Thank you for sharing.

Juror | Carl Dahl

Carl Dahl has been an artist for the last 20 some years; prior to this he held positions as a Senior Financial Analyst, Corporate VP and President of a virtual reality research organization. Although he’s learned, traveled, and experienced great things in these prior positions - art will forever be his passion.


Carl’s formal education includes a BA degree in Philosophy, BS degrees in Finance and CIS, an MBA and a Masters of Fine Arts all at Arizona State University. In these pursuits he has been honored with membership in The Arizona Academy, Beta Gamma Sigma and Phi Kappa Phi. Carl has also had the honor and pleasure of working on grants from the Research Institute for Studies in the Arts, and commissions from Yamanshi University in Japan and the W.P. Carey School of Business.

“As an artist my goals are to achieve excellence in my art and kindness in my dealings with others. As for the art ... this work is an outgrowth of many life experiences and reflections ... growing up in the southwest, finding a broken reproduction of a Greek Sculpture, being around horses and working with a German sculptor at a concrete fabrication plant. These experiences all remain an integral part of my work.”  — Carl Dahl

Presenting the art in the exhibition…

Click on images for info & full image (click 1x on mobile for info). If art is for sale, click "Go to link" on info page.

"Self Portrait"
Ashlyn Braithwaite (PHS)
Acrylic Paint and Glitter on Canvas 24" x 20" Not for Sale
"Winter Flame"
Jayden Grams (PHS)
Foam with Paint 18"x 9" x 9" Not for Sale
"Cardboard Selfie"
Chaya Webb (PHS)
Charcoal on Cardboard 22.5" x 30.5" Not for Sale
Jessica Lindsey-Uttley (NELA)
Digital Art 4096 x 4052 px Not for Sale
Chaya Webb (PHS)
Charcoal on Cardboard 14" x 20" Not for Sale
Aroceli Torres (BMHS)
Acrylic on Watercolor Paper 9" x 11.5" Not for Sale
"Water Lillies"
Isis Vides (CVHS)
Color Pencil 10" x 13" $40
Emma Tenney (PHS)
Colored Pencils on Paper 9” x 11” Not for Sale
"Washing Away Like Paint"
Lydia Strom-DuBord (PHS)
Digital Art 9"x 12.5" Not for Sale
"Behind the Mask"
Celeste Stout (PHS)
Charcoal and Gesso on Cardboard 22" x 33.5" Not for Sale
"Drift Away"
Lydia Strom-DuBord (PHS)
Digital Art 15.5"x 18" Not for Sale - Honorable Mention
"Self Portrait"
Daelyn Stanifer (PHS)
Graphite and Watercolor on Watercolor Paper 11" x 15" Not for Sale
"Leaving My Roots"
Daelyn Stanifer (PHS)
Colored Pencil on Black Paper 9" x 12" Not for Sale
Katharina Seibert (PHS)
Graphite 7” x 9” Not for Sale
"Floating City"
Nayeli Saldana (CVHS)
Acrylic on Canvas 11" x 14" $40.00
"Kang Seulgi"
Katharina Seibert (PHS)
Graphite 9” x 12” Not for Sale
"Roadside at the Black Canyon"
Aeryn Hedlund (CVHS)
Pen and Watercolor on Paper 11" x 8.5" Not for Sale
"Organ Pie"
Courtney Brunton (PHS)
Clay Sculpture 6" x 2.5" x 3" Not for Sale
"Playing in the Waves"
Brooklyn Pasalich (BMHS)
Acrylic Paint on Canvas 11” x 14” Not for Sale
"Mosaic Portrait"
Makenna Koopman (PHS)
Digital Art 14" x 16" Not for Sale
Madison Howe (PHS)
Charcoal on Cardboard 34” x 26” $45.00
"Main Street"
Aeryn Hedlund (CVHS)
Acrylic on Canvas 20" x 28" Not for Sale
"Krispy Kreme"
Violet Guy (NELA)
Acrylic on Canvas 12 "x 19" Not for Sale - Best of Show 2D
Brisa Llamas (BMHS)
Acrylic on Canvas 24" x 20" Not for Sale
"Life of Quarantine"
Aroceli Torres (BMHS)
Digital Painting 741 x 927 px Not for Sale - 3rd Place
"Cardboard Skull"
Madelyne Hohrein (PHS)
Charcoal on Cardboard 13" x 16.5" Not for Sale - 2nd Place
"Funky Pumpkin"
Sherylann Vollmer (PHS)
Stoneware Clay with Silicone Gloss 5" x 5" x 5" Not for Sale
Maitri Henderson (PHS)
Lead Pencil 7" x 9" Not for Sale
"Life and Death"
Lyla Shatney (BMHS)
Oil Pastels on Mixed Media Paper 14" x 17" Not for Sale
"Floral Pie Box"
Jayden Grams (PHS)
Glazed Ceramic 6" x 2.5" x 3" Not for Sale - Best of Show 3D
"Eggstraodinary Still Life"
Aspyn Glau (PHS)
HB Pencils on Paper 9" x 12" Not for Sale
"Dinner Table"
Ruth Dailey (PHS)
Acrylic Paint, Modeling Paste, Soda Cans, and Spray Paint on Canvas 9" x 12" Not for Sale
Violet Look
Kaley Fisher (BMHS)
Tempera on Board 8" x 10" $40.00
Isis Vides (CVHS)
Prismacolor with Paper Mixed Media 16" x 24" $50.00
"Red Dude"
Jose Espinoza (BMHS)
Tempera on board 8" x 10" $40.00
"Eve's Apple"
Ruth Dailey (PHS)
Photograph 20" x 30" $15.00
"Dragon Light"
Brooklyn Pasalich (BMHS)
Colored Pencil on Paper 8.5” x 11” Not for Sale
"Coral Reef"
Courtney Brunton (PHS)
Clay Sculpture 6" x 6" x 4" Not for Sale
"Working Hands"
Emma Tenney (PHS)
B Family Pencils on Paper 9” x 12” Not for Sale
"Left Behind"
Arden Cherry (PHS)
Oil Paint on Wood Panel 8" x 10" Not for Sale - 1st Place
"Boot Face"
Violet Guy (NELA)
Acrylic on Canvas 6" x 9" Not for Sale
"Coral Reef - Deep Blue Sea"
Sherylann Vollmer (PHS)
Stoneware Clay and Slip 7" x 5" x 2"Not for Sale
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