An Online Solo Exhibition by Leslie Parsons
May 28th to July 23rd, 2021

Prescott artist, Leslie Parsons, creates non-traditional monoprints and contemporary enamel and silver jewelry. Working with a wide variety of materials from silver and 24K gold to polymer, enamel, tribal elements, and found objects, she creates
one-of-a-kind contemporary designed jewelry.
Using non-toxic Akua inks, she makes a broad range of variable edition monoprints. These two very different art forms overlap as many of her original monoprints morph into enamel designs on her earrings or even as parts of her pendants.

‟Life is all about growth, about staying on the upside of the learning curve, of discovering new things in the world around us and within ourselves, and in finding new ways to use old things.


Similarly, my art is about the process of learning and growth. The art is a combining of new ideas with traditional techniques, of learning new ways to approach old problems, and of finding ways of expressing everyday thoughts in a new way.


For example, the monoprint entitled: “Not a Healthy Garden” is my way of illustrating the idea that I definitely do not have a green thumb. I hope you will enjoy my titles along with the art. 


As for the jewelry, well, I firmly believe that no woman can possibly have too many pairs of earrings. Need I say more?”

Prescott artist, Leslie Parsons, working in her studio.