An Online Solo Exhibition by Lauren Harvey

January 16th to February 27th, 2021

My roots are in the rivers of the Midwest nourished by those muddy waters in the land of green trees. But my path in life was different, and I followed my dreams west arriving in Tucson nearly 40 years ago. Following a career as a landscape architect, I found a home in painting.


I find a blank canvas so exciting for it holds many possibilities. For me, the process is intuitive and I respond to the painting as it evolves finding form as I go. I have no set method or technique of painting or rules that I follow. I hold as a goal to try and find the essence of a work.


Experiment is important, and I enjoy trying different ideas. In the past few years I’ve varied approaches such as working with pours made in and of the landscape, combining simple household products and utilizing the outcome, painting over crumpled newspaper, and blowing bubbles into paint, in addition to simply painting on canvas or paper.


At times my work is quite dark and at other times it is light and free. I don’t see this as a reflection of my inner state; rather I allow the painting to lead me wherever it needs to go. I do seem to have a desire to work in multiples trying to discover the relationship between the pieces, and on larger and sometimes un-primed canvas preferring the paint to take on the quality of a stain.


I am grateful to the many teachers in my life, and consider myself fortunate to be able to paint. My life is a simple one and I live happily with my partner and our dog in the Sonoran Desert on the far side of the mountains.

This exhibition is presented by the Yavapai College Prescott Art Gallery in remembrance of Lauren Harvey. She will always be with us through her art.