8x8 Silent Auction Fundraiser Postcard

8x8 Silent Auction Fundraiser Exhibition

Yavapai College Art Gallery is pleased to present artwork created by professional, emerging and local high school students. Donated artwork was sold in an online-only silent auction format.


Thank you to all who donated art and bid on this fundraiser. Your generosity is much appreciated. The auction had a total of 180 bids and raised $4,957 benefiting Yavapai College art scholarships. Thank you for making a difference.


Preview all donated artwork below, to enlarge click on the image. Right click, view image, for full size.

Monochromatic Still Life
Title: Got Z Blues
Title: Nose to the Grind Stone
Title: Breaking Through
Title: Glowing
Title: Spring Run-Off
Title: Untitled
Title: (Lupe-5-4) 1/20
Title: Wild Thing
Title: Chevy Truck Grille
Title: Mardi Gras
Title: Mariposa Trabajadora
Title: Tea & Lemons
Title: Abstraction of Peace
No One Said Fungi Wasn't Cute
Title: Musical Inspiration Art
Title: It's a Jungle in There
Title: Fall to Winter
Title: Analogys Still Life
Title: Gold Water Lake
Title: Pink Skies
Title: Tangerine Skies
Title: Untitled
Title: How Firm a Foundation
Title: Sunkist Pom Pom's
Title: "Blue cup on table next to leaf"
Title: Roscioli
Title: Afternoon Blues
Title: The Perfectionist
Title: Complementary Still Life
Title: Violet
Title: Monochromatic Still Life
Title: Breaking the Mold
Title: Evening Fall
Title: Sunburst Sunflower
Title: Raven & Pine
Title: Daisy's
Title: Sky Lines
Title: Still-Life #15
Title: Stuck in the Blues
Title: Cleaning the Swamp
Title: Let it Go
Title: Complementary Still Life
Natural Beauty Within
Title: Too Much Candy PHS
Title: Monochromatic Still Life
Title: Blank
Title: Afternoon Blues
Title: Jolly Ranchers
Title: Sunflower
Title: Experimentation
Title: Rose Colored Glasses
Title: Apple Still Life
Title: Moonin' Mars
Title: White Tiger
Title: French Date
Title: Bee Kind Little Bumble
Title: Monochromatic Still Life
Title: Gypsy Vanner Happy Dance
Title: Norman
Title: Monochromatic Still-Life
Title: Alone
Title: Yellow Zest
Title: The Sky Isn't Falling
Title: Artist Alley
Title: "Mrs. Chartier wanted me to keep working, so I didn't"
Title: Cactus
Title: Neuschwanstein Castle in the Fall
Title: There's a Bunny in the Forest
Title: Analogous Still Life
Title: Untitled
Ttile: Monochromatic Still Life
Kazimir Malevich (1879-1935, Russia) Meet Yves Klein (1928-1962, France)
Title: Monochromatic
Title: Sunkist Pom Pom
Title: Plastic Still Life
Title: Unknown #41 Artist: Hailey Hasuold PHS
Title: Analogous Still Life
Title: Acrylic Macaroons
Title: Fingers
Title: Red
Title: Monochromatic Still Life
Title: Portrait
Title: Edgar's Magic
Title: Sunkist Pom - Pom
Title: Complementary Still Life
Title: French Date
Title: Sunny Afternoon
Title: Complimentary Still Life
Title: Monochromatic Still Life
Title: Happy Cat
Title: The Thief
Title: Glass of a Cold World
Title: Mavvelous
Title: Post No Bills
Title: Kiwi
Title: Fish in the Deep
Title: "Mom would be so proud"
Title: Sunkist Pom Pom's
Title: Contemplation
Title: Sunflowers
Title: Dopamine
Title: Sunset
Title: Wolf
Title: Home Sweet Home
Title: Unknown
Title: Lazy Days
Title: The Fox Queen
Title: Motel Gone
Title: Pedro Valdivia
Title: Western Blue Bird
Title: Ready Rooster
Title: Way Down We Go
Title: Blues Clues
Title: Heart of Gold
Title: The Blues Have It
Title: Wanderlust
Title: Rusted Pipe Flange
Title: The Horse
Title: Rapid Water
Title: San Xavier Bells
Title: Meh
Title: Pear III
Title: "I only have eyes for you"
Title: Time Flies
Title: Humming Birds
Title: Bell Rock
Title: Reflections
Title: 1964 Buick Riviera
Title: Ocean Love
Title: Task Spinner
Title: Night Flower
Title: Childhood Doodles
Title: Butterflies are Free
Title: Imagine
Title: Toddler Angst
Title: Cove at Goldwater
Title: Shoreline Alchemy
Title: Blue Wing / Golden Moon
Title: Unknown
Title: Untitled
Title: Untitled
Title: Hands
Title: Analogous Still Life
Title: Sunny Mountain Day
Title: Agave 2
Title: Manhattan with Acker Park Trail
Title: Unknown
Title: Future. Facing. Forward.
Title: Canyon Fingers
Title: Floating Citrus
Title: One Good Levi Jacket
Title: Pow Wow Dancer
Title: Pam
Title: Hummingbird
Title: Green Days
Title: Murano-type glass chip necklace

Auction has ended. Bidding was held: June 2, 2020  12:00 PM MST - July 2, 2020  12:01 PM MST