8x8 Silent Auction Fundraiser Exhibition

Yavapai College Art Gallery is pleased to present artwork created by professional, emerging and local high school students. Donated artwork was sold in an online-only silent auction format.


Thank you to all who donated art and bid on this fundraiser. Your generosity is much appreciated. The auction had a total of 180 bids and raised $4,957 benefiting Yavapai College art scholarships. Thank you for making a difference.


Preview all donated artwork below, to enlarge click on the image. Right click, view image, for full size.

Monochromatic Still Life
Title: Got Z Blues
Title: Nose to the Grind Stone
Title: Breaking Through
Title: Glowing
Title: Spring Run-Off
Title: Untitled
Title: (Lupe-5-4) 1/20
Title: Wild Thing
Title: Chevy Truck Grille
Title: Mardi Gras
Title: Mariposa Trabajadora
Title: Tea & Lemons
Title: Abstraction of Peace
No One Said Fungi Wasn't Cute
Title: Musical Inspiration Art
Title: It's a Jungle in There
Title: Fall to Winter
Title: Analogys Still Life
Title: Gold Water Lake
Title: Pink Skies
Title: Tangerine Skies
Title: Untitled
Title: How Firm a Foundation
Title: Sunkist Pom Pom's
Title: "Blue cup on table next to leaf"
Title: Roscioli
Title: Afternoon Blues
Title: The Perfectionist
Title: Complementary Still Life
Title: Violet
Title: Monochromatic Still Life
Title: Breaking the Mold
Title: Evening Fall
Title: Sunburst Sunflower
Title: Raven & Pine
Title: Daisy's
Title: Sky Lines
Title: Still-Life #15
Title: Stuck in the Blues
Title: Cleaning the Swamp
Title: Let it Go
Title: Complementary Still Life
Natural Beauty Within
Title: Too Much Candy PHS
Title: Monochromatic Still Life
Title: Blank
Title: Afternoon Blues
Title: Jolly Ranchers
Title: Sunflower
Title: Experimentation
Title: Rose Colored Glasses
Title: Apple Still Life
Title: Moonin' Mars
Title: White Tiger
Title: French Date
Title: Bee Kind Little Bumble
Title: Monochromatic Still Life
Title: Gypsy Vanner Happy Dance
Title: Norman
Title: Monochromatic Still-Life
Title: Alone
Title: Yellow Zest
Title: The Sky Isn't Falling
Title: Artist Alley
Title: "Mrs. Chartier wanted me to keep working, so I didn't"
Title: Cactus
Title: Neuschwanstein Castle in the Fall
Title: There's a Bunny in the Forest
Title: Analogous Still Life
Title: Untitled
Ttile: Monochromatic Still Life
Kazimir Malevich (1879-1935, Russia) Meet Yves Klein (1928-1962, France)
Title: Monochromatic
Title: Sunkist Pom Pom
Title: Plastic Still Life
Title: Unknown #41 Artist: Hailey Hasuold PHS
Title: Analogous Still Life
Title: Acrylic Macaroons
Title: Fingers
Title: Red
Title: Monochromatic Still Life
Title: Portrait
Title: Edgar's Magic
Title: Sunkist Pom - Pom
Title: Complementary Still Life
Title: French Date
Title: Sunny Afternoon
Title: Complimentary Still Life
Title: Monochromatic Still Life
Title: Happy Cat
Title: The Thief
Title: Glass of a Cold World
Title: Mavvelous
Title: Post No Bills
Title: Kiwi
Title: Fish in the Deep
Title: "Mom would be so proud"
Title: Sunkist Pom Pom's
Title: Contemplation
Title: Sunflowers
Title: Dopamine
Title: Sunset
Title: Wolf
Title: Home Sweet Home
Title: Unknown
Title: Lazy Days
Title: The Fox Queen
Title: Motel Gone
Title: Pedro Valdivia
Title: Western Blue Bird
Title: Ready Rooster
Title: Way Down We Go
Title: Blues Clues
Title: Heart of Gold
Title: The Blues Have It
Title: Wanderlust
Title: Rusted Pipe Flange
Title: The Horse
Title: Rapid Water
Title: San Xavier Bells
Title: Meh
Title: Pear III
Title: "I only have eyes for you"
Title: Time Flies
Title: Humming Birds
Title: Bell Rock
Title: Reflections
Title: 1964 Buick Riviera
Title: Ocean Love
Title: Task Spinner
Title: Night Flower
Title: Childhood Doodles
Title: Butterflies are Free
Title: Imagine
Title: Toddler Angst
Title: Cove at Goldwater
Title: Shoreline Alchemy
Title: Blue Wing / Golden Moon
Title: Unknown
Title: Untitled
Title: Untitled
Title: Hands
Title: Analogous Still Life
Title: Sunny Mountain Day
Title: Agave 2
Title: Manhattan with Acker Park Trail
Title: Unknown
Title: Future. Facing. Forward.
Title: Canyon Fingers
Title: Floating Citrus
Title: One Good Levi Jacket
Title: Pow Wow Dancer
Title: Pam
Title: Hummingbird
Title: Green Days
Title: Murano-type glass chip necklace

Auction has ended. Bidding was held: June 2, 2020  12:00 PM MST - July 2, 2020  12:01 PM MST